Medical Tourism industry keeps growing in Baja California


The recent Mexico’s assertion as North America’s medical tourism powerhouse has been possible due to several centers of excellence that offer patients ease of access to main medical tourism destinations and provide special attention from highly trained staff at lower costs.

In this respect PRNewswire recently posted an article about ALO Bariatrics , one of the most important medical tourism centers in Mexico based in Tijuana.  

Medical tourism industry has continued to experience a steady growth, especially in Mexico. This influx of travelers seeking medical care has to do with world class medical attention, highly trained surgeons, specialized practitioners and top tier certified hospitals keen to treat foreigners.

Millions of post bariatric surgery patients around the world have successfully improved their overall health, turned their life around and kept the weight off. As far as bariatric procedures continue to prove successful overtime, their adoption and popularity will also rise.

Nevertheless, for many bariatric candidates in the United States, Canada and many countries in Europe, surgery comes at such a high price tag that traveling to Mexico for bariatric surgery has become a high quality, price conscious, accessible alternative.

Mexico offers patients abroad an unrivaled global strategic location, reachable by plenty of direct flights from the United States, Canada and some European countries.

Dr. Alejandro Lopez, chief bariatric surgeon at ALO Bariatrics started operations in 2008 in three convenient locations: Tijuana, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta; his approach to the industry is creative yet simple: Provide bariatric candidates, comprehensive and seamless access to world class health care in certified hospitals; at a fraction of the price than in the United States and Canada.

For ALO Bariatrics, choosing its locations was only a matter of providing their patients the ease and comfort they’re accustomed to: Tijuana can be easily reached by land from the neighboring southern states of California, Arizona and Nevada; Guadalajara services countless direct flights from up and down the East Coast of the United States; and Puerto Vallarta offers numerous connections to most of Canada’s major cities.

ALO Bariatrics’ highly-skilled, internationally-trained and board certified surgeons are handpicked and rigorously screened for their outstanding technical prowess; reason why, they hold an impressive record of more than 6,000 successful bariatric surgeries performed, and the praise of patients for the unrivaled level of care, warmth and professionalism experienced.

Call ALO Bariatrics 1 (844) 461 2831 to learn more about bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Center of excellence in México. (PRNewsfoto/ALO Bariatrics)

Source: PRNewswire