Sinaloa is the exception in shortage of medicine across Mexico; Pharmacies are at 95%

Efrén Encinas Torres stressed that there is no shortage of any kind in terms of chemotherapies and all the inputs that entails

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Although the president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that there is a shortage of important medicines in the country, which has already claimed the lives of people who required those medicines, in Sinaloa, it is the exception.

And is that the Secretary of Health in the State, Efrén Encinas Torres, stressed that in Sinaloa there is a supply of 95 percent in terms of purchase of medicine, and even a second stage of supply is already expected, which would place the state on the verge of 100 percent supply in pharmacies.

“In the case of Sinaloa we have 95 percent supply in the purchase consolidated with the IMSS, we are waiting for the arrival of a second supply stage, (for us) the instruction and the budget exists for the purchase of medicines or supplies or healing material of the most urgent things. The instruction of the medical units on any medication that guarantees the life of a citizen is always taken care of, ”he explained.

As for the chemotherapies and their supplies, Encinas Torres highlighted that Sinaloa is 100 percent since cancer-related medicines are of first necessity.

“In Sinaloa we have not had problems within the chemotherapy management, Sinaloa has enough attention on the subject of vaccines, although remittances have not arrived as such, Sinaloa now has a sufficient ‘stock’ to continue serving the population ”, He said.

– What do you think of López Obrador’s statement that doctors have to buy the medicine if there is no pharmacy?

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“I believe that it is an expression of our President as a call to the sensitivity of all human beings and a call to health culture; I do not see it badly from that point of view, on the contrary, it is an exercise of reflection, of consciences. It certainly does not imply that responsibility should be put aside, as the Government we have that responsibility and governments know it, ”he replied.

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