LGBT Coalition of Sinaloans supports children and young people in vulnerable situations with school supplies.


This Sunday the Sinaloense LGBT Coalition and the # InclusSIón Collective, simultaneously in the municipalities of Culiacan and Mazatlan delivered packages of school supplies to children and young people with limited resources.

In Culiacán, support was directed to the town of El Batallón et al. Esperanza, who very happy received their toolkits in coordination with the Institute of Women and Leadership in Sinaloa AC. In Mazatlan, the beneficiaries were the students of the multigrade group of the community center of the Genaro Estrada morning colony and the children of Josefina Osuna Pérez Vespertina Elementary School, located in the tolerance zone of the city. School supplies were also given to vulnerable children in the Francisco I Madero neighborhood.

The campaign called “The LGBT can also adopt a child this back to school” culminated with more than 110 sponsored children in the two municipalities, who were given a backpack with pencils, pens, notebooks, liquid and stick of glue, calculator, Dictionary, geometric game, colors, scissors and more basic school supplies for back to school.

At the end of the deliveries, the beneficiaries received a message of inclusion, where it was highlighted that social needs are not exclusive to one sector or another, if we all take responsibility and empathy we move forward as a citizen in the construction and a more equal and equitable society.

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The Mazatlan Post