Ex Mazatlan Culture director accuses Mayor of blocking fundraiser for a local orphanage.


Ex Culture director Óscar Blancarte sends an open letter addressed to Benítez Torres, accusing the director of the Treasury of Culture, José Ángel Tostado, of wanting to collect 25 thousand pesos for rent from Teatro Ángela Peralta, where the film director would offer one of his films to raise funds for the Mazatlan Orphanage.

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Teatro Ángela Peralta


Mayor Luis Gillermo Benítez Torres:

Two months ago we approached my partner Leticia Arellano and I, with the Volunteers Committee of the Mazatlan Orphanage, in order to provide, with our grain of sand, the help that the orphanage is so lacking, where girls are protected and cared for of scarce resources living in vulnerable condition.

I make a statement saying that throughout my professional life I have donated a Premier to a local Mazatlan institution.

Our help was to donate a film function of our film: The Promise, filmed at Sinaloa locations, in a special function at the Angela Peralta Theater. To this end, the vice president and treasurer of that institution approached with the head of the Institute of Culture.

The response of the owner was that you, Mr. Mayor required the amount of 25 thousand pesos as space rent. So the ladies of the Orphanage Committee informed me that they did not have that amount requested.

I ask Mr. Benítez, do you know what social solidarity means? Or do you ignore or forget what he “cackled” so much during his campaign as a candidate for Morena? 
I see, with deep sadness that his management has turned the Institute of Culture into a grocery store, where his administrator Mr. José Ángel Tostado has dedicated himself to mishandling funds with your consent.

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Angela Peralta Theater

His poverty of spirit and his lack of sensitivity outrage me and should outrage the people of Mazatlan who raised the Angela Peralta theater from its ruins. But you with your myopic vision and your frivolity have kidnapped the public spaces that belong to the citizenship and especially the artists; his campaign promises and his political verbiage make him see his actions as a fake.

Through this medium, I withdraw my friendship. I can’t be a friend of mean and mediocre. You have betrayed the basic principles of human relationships. I trust that the Mazatlecos will know in the near future, will make wise decisions

Óscar Blancarte 
Film director

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The Mazatlan Post