Do you have a complaint about public transportation in Sinaloa


The director of Roads and Transportation said that up to 65 complaints are received a week against drivers of urban buses.

Sinaloa.- Up to 65 calls are received a week to report any irregularities committed by urban transport drivers, Feliciano Valle Sandoval, the Directorate of Roads and Transportation reported.

He said that the number 66-75-02-76-65 is already working so that citizens can file their complaints and can act accordingly.

“People are sending their complaints, sending their images, videos and helping us to facilitate the work and as this has been progressing there have been weeks that we have even received 60, 65 calls, when there is an image because there is practically the evidence , it is easy for us to quote the driver and act accordingly, ”he said.

Valle Sandoval stressed that drivers who commit an irregularity can become creditors to an economic or even administrative penalty, including the suspension of their permit.

It is important to note that in addition to the call, the number also receives WhatsApp, as it is a call-center and the Government Innovation Secretariat is operated in partnership with Roads.

Source: linea directa

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