Month of the last will and testament program begins in September in Mexico


It is 20 years of starting one of the most successful programs of the Federal Government which serves to foster the culture of leaving no problems when leaving this world. Dying without a will can incur costs for the bereaved and even family conflicts.

By Janeth Bañuelos

The month of September appears and with this year in addition to celebrating Mexican Independence, the month of the last will and testament is also celebrated, one of the most successful and noble programs that federal governments have implemented in the last 20 years since it helps Families of low economic resources.

The will makes it easier for people who are leaving this world to have an inner peace, as they leave, but leave everything in order. Planning, ordering and applying a discipline on the property that he designates and to whom he is appointed helps the good death. This has been commented by those who have already done it in life and even the Mexican notary, because it avoids family conflicts and imposes the provision of social justice and protection for those who need it most.

In an interview with the prestigious Notary Dr. Fernando García Sais, he informed that it is extremely important that people who have accumulated assets throughout their lives make a will, otherwise, potential heirs must initiate a summary judgment.

“The last will and testament is a program of an eminently social nature and was implemented because of the need to foster a culture of not leaving problems. Dying without a will can cost the heirs because you have to go to a succession trial and the resolution times are long and you occupy a lawyer and all that could have been avoided, ”he said.

The National Notary Coordinator of the ITAM Graduate Bar Association, informed that the program must undergo modifications, since in September, the last will and testament program has general benefits, which means that anyone who wants to carry out the will procedure can pay between one thousand and two thousand pesos, although this may also be a wealthy person, which takes away the space for a person who needs it more. That is why it is important to lock the program where it is specified that the benefit is only and exclusively for people with low economic resources.

The Notary Fernando García Sais speaks is a Law graduate entrusted by ITAM and a Doctor of Law from UNAM. He has been an administrator of the SAT in Mazatlan and has participated in high positions in the Presidency of the Republic. 

The also a doctor of law by the UNAM, said that the testament program must be extended and labeled to families that really need it, that is, it must be applied for more months in the year or throughout the year, since death does not warn , there is no way to indicate the date on which a person of productive age who already generated goods, leaves this world and can plan to arrive in September to carry out his will.

Therefore, the importance of leaving the possibility of going to the notary office throughout the year, as there is a situation that makes you think and go to the notary.

Normally, during the rest of the year, a will can cost between 6,600 pesos to 32 thousand pesos, a situation that serves as a barrier for those who wish to complete the process and do not have the financial resources at that time to do so.


The law also contemplates a testament imposed, that is to say the legislature in the Congress of the Union stipulated laws that already describe how and when goods can be distributed to the relatives of a person who died without making his will, however, this document can be appealable since the relatives of those who died did not always agree. There are usually long family conflicts. Even so, the inheritance judgment must be carried out.

No doubt the program is noble, with social justice, however, it could change over time. To carry out the will you only need an official identification and apply a basic questionnaire to know the situation and design a legal strategy.