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With the support of the Mexican Association of Food Banks of Mexico and its president Ricardo Bon, twelve Mexican businessmen engaged in the fight against hunger undertook a strategic organization to found the Banco del Estado de México Poniente. We started our work in October 1997 and legally constituted ourselves under the denomination CÁRITAS FOOD BANK OF THE STATE OF MEXICO IAP name that we still keep. We are part of the Mexican Association of Food Banks and the Food Banking Regional Network, we are an institution that is supported by resources of private origin and we have the ability to donate approved by the Ministry of Finance. 


We are a Private Assistance Institution (IAP) that is dedicated to the collection of food and thus send them in good condition to marginalized families and Social Assistance Institutions of Mexico, to help improve their diet temporarily, dignified, human and warm 


To be an institution that the community resorts to when it comes to helping fight hunger in Mexico. 


Love, help, charity, understanding, trust, ethics, honesty, humility, respect, responsibility and tolerance. 

State Prize for Altruism 2014. Government of the State of Mexico. 

Exemplary Institution 2014. Toluca City Council.

Certification for compliance with social statutes of the institution 2016. Secretariat of Social Development of the State of Mexico, through the Board of Private Assistance of the State of Mexico (JAPEM).


We take care of locating communities that suffer from food insecurity in Mexico. This is achieved by conducting socioeconomic and nutritional studies based on official indicators derived from both INEGI and CONEVAL. After the analysis of the applied studies, we are responsible for the population entered into our register receiving a fortnightly food package. 

The maximum duration of support to a community is 2 years.

The food packages we provide to the beneficiaries is a set of products armed with donations in kind that make us combined with the purchase of basic food (rice, beans, oats, etc.) that BAMX performed to deliver a more complete package. 

This package is taken to communities that, due to its difficult location and income, have complications to reach municipal headwaters or commercial areas to acquire food. There are also beneficiaries from nearby communities, although relatively few, who come to our facilities daily to obtain the package.

We also have special programs, which are aimed at providing food support to people or families who, together with a condition of poverty, face physical disabilities or chronic diseases. We take care of reaching them and follow up on the cases! 

Another way in which we add beneficiaries is through the realization of alliances with other non-profit institutions that assist to benefit the population with specific characteristics.


  • Although our guiding axis is to provide food to those who need it most, in BAMX. We have a great interest in the communities having sustainable development, that is, improving their environment and conditions through productive and replicable actions. 

    In our productive programs, we prioritize the teaching and implementation of eco-technologies such as the creation and maintenance of vegetable gardens; sawdust stove design; development of detergents, soaps, and gel for personal use; nopal-based paint production; elaboration of handicrafts with recycled materials, among others. Our goal is that the communities that we already assist with food can scale one more step and provide themselves with useful products and even generate a form of income.


Like any serious institution that serves the community, our team is made up of professionals committed to directing and collaborating in the best way. We always seek to optimize our resources and improve our activities, our motivation is to expand the common good and build a more equitable environment. 

We are more than 60 people who achieve that every day more than 100 thousand people receive the fuel they need to get ahead.


  • Mostly we serve the population of rural communities, but also of urban areas with scarcity, indigenous population, and ethnic groups; women, men, boys, girls, older adults. 

    We encourage you to support! 

    We also work with 22 Social Assistance Institutions.

ENROLL A Community or Group

If you are part of a community of between 50 and 500 people who want to be part of our register of beneficiaries or know a potential community to link with BAMX. You can

1. Send us an email to [email protected] with subject: BE BENEFICIARY. 

2. Call us at 01 (722) 237 72 72 and ask to be notified extension 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118 Mazatlan office number 669-981-2457 with a: SOCIAL WORK TEAM FOR THE INTEREST OF BEING A BENEFICIARY. 

Once communicated, write down and follow the instructions and remember the name of the bank person with whom you have spoken. 

* With this our social work team will be able to begin the selection process for registration to our register.

Donor Network


    Our work is enormous and we feel fortunate to have a network of committed allies that support the fight against food insecurity. 

    Both food business and other sectors have joined together to help us constantly provide food to our communities and/or finance productive projects. 

    Our greatest recognition and thanks to our donors who watch over the most vulnerable communities of our entity.


Contact us for a personalized Social Responsibility plan. 
As managers of social change, we know that to achieve a significant and sustainable impact, we must act together. We work with a transparent and professional system of alliances, adapting to the possibility of help from each donor. 

If you have the desire to help, we design, direct and adopt an action plan so that it is beneficial, sustainable and together we develop a stronger social environment. We all fit to help. 

To donate in-kind, special collaborations or interest in us designing a personalized Social Responsibility plan write to [email protected] 


Banco De Alimentos Mazatlan Lap

Rio Panuco No. 400 Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Food Bank General Director in Mazatlan.

Alfonso Tornero “Speaks English”

Cell 669-155-8553

Facebook link click here

Office Tel: 669 981-2457

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