Is former president Peña Nieto looking for a lawyer?


Mexican tourists told us that in previous days, while vacationing in the Netherlands, they saw two fellow Mexicans in a luxury restaurant in Amsterdam, who were engaged in an intense conversation. One of them was former President Enrique Peña Nieto and the other was a prestigious Mexican lawyer. Nevertheless, the tourists don’t know what they were discussing, maybe they were talking about touristic spots in Amsterdam or perhaps they were discussing legal issues. Perhaps, after his former cabinet members, Emilio Lozoya, who is on the run; Rosario Robles, who is in jail; and his lawyer, Juan Collado, also in jail, are facing justice, Peña Nieto might want to talk to a lawyer? It’s a good idea to gather a legal team just in case, all the way from a luxurious exile.

Terrible news for Mexican lawyer Juan Collado

It seems like the current administration is hinting some sign in regards the legal process against Juan Collado, Peña Nieto’s lawyer. Two days ago, it was revealed that a tribunal refused to free him, for his possible involvement in organized crime. Therefore, Collado will remain in prison. But this is not all, we’ve been told there are more bad news for the famous lawyer: documents show that between 2013 and 2015, he might have used several people, companies, and banks to transfer illegal resources. Moreover, there are more bad news for the lawyer: they have named an “Antonio” as an accomplice. Could it be his brother, Antonio Collado? The thing is there will be no good news for Collado and the investigation will continue.

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The revocation of mandate bill is dead

In the Senate, there are a few days left before the revocation of mandate bill, proposed by the President, is presented. We’ve been told that only Morena and its allies are preparing to discuss the bill, in contrast, the opposition formed by the PAN, PRI, and MC has agreed to be present and to dismiss the proposal because it turns out that Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, has vowed that the bill will be discussed but this time it will be discarded.

An attack against free speech

The PT party faced a crisis after lawmaker Óscar González Yáñez announced he would propose a bill to shield the federal government against criticism. Some lawmakers warned that it was a personal proposal and that it didn’t represent the party. Hopefully, this won’t be like the time when PT lawmaker Benjamín Robles made a proposal in regards to retirement funds when he proposed that the retirement system should be handled by the government, causing panic in the stock market. Now we’ll have to wait and see if it was his personal proposal or if the PT intends to limit free speech.

Source: El Universal