After heavy rains, there are rural communities in Mazatlan that still remain incommunicado


At least 1,500 families were harmed, although restoration work on the cut roads is taken care of promptly, the municipal authorities say

Mazatlan, Sin.- At least 1,500 families in the rural area suffered damage due to road cuts and remain incommunicado, due to the rainfall recorded at dawn on Wednesday, which exceeded 62.8 millimeters, according to the report released Enrique Alarcón Tostado.

The director of Rural Liaison indicated that several communities of the different Mazatlan unions reported problems, since some were semi-communicated, and in others, they had been isolated since the roads were impassable, so they had heavy machinery, but the solution will be in as the weather allows and they can do the work.

“In the Moras that have completely cut the road at this moment, in El Quelite we have the Amole, the problem there was that the river that took the water pipe and the entire power line of the well grew so much, since Jumapam is making preparations to respond ”.

The official said that the union of La Noria, in some of its commissioners is where they register major problems, therefore, they perform the relevant work to reestablish communication soon.

“Really where we have a problem are basically in La Noria, in Tecoyonque where the creek’s stream is semi-communicated and Los Ébanos, the road is cut off, and it is waiting for the machinery that we are going to expect, in El Habal, it is in San Pablo “

The Public Works Directorate will take the necessary actions to restore communication in the next hours and for these families to return to normal, said Alarcón Tostadas.

“We estimate 1,500 people more or less with problems, the restoration will be done after the rains pass, we can restore it in a matter of hours and if it rains again, we will have the same situation, in addition to raining it does not allow us to put all the machinery especially the heavy one, in order to correct definitively ”.

The municipal official said that the work is underway to correct the problem left by the rain in the early hours of Wednesday.

Source: linea directa

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