Are you afraid of traveling to Mexico?


For years I wouldn’t travel to Mexico because like you, I had been told Mexico was dangerous, you will be killed, Mexico isn’t safe or you will be kidnapped and held for ransom by the cartel.  Despite these concerns Mexico is a favorite for spring breakers, couples, families, female solo travelers and the all-important girls trip because of the people, the food, the beaches, the Mayan history, traditions, and did I say food?

As my readers are planning their summer travels I have been receiving a lot of questions on is it Safe To Travel To Mexico and specifically is Cancun Safe because of the recent Mexico travel warning.  Although Mexico is filled with breathtaking coastal scenery, awe-inspiring ancient ruins, and charming colonial towns it has a bad reputation of being filled with crime and unsafe for travelers but I am here to make sure you are safe in Mexico and after reading my guide you will no longer be asking “Is Mexico Safe?” and specifically “Is Cancun safe for travel in 2019?” 

The current U.S. political climate toward Mexico has caused unwarranted safety and security concerns from US tourist after the dismantling of the national Mexican tourism board in May and reports of massive amounts of algae washing up on some beaches that has left many travelers doubting whether they should travel to any parts of Mexico. 

In May, YestoMexico, a U.S. nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate travelers about Mexico in order to encourage US travelers to make Mexico their next vacation destination has stated  Mexico’s reputation has been diminished as a direct result of constant news reports on immigration and border security issues.

I will also discuss the safety of other Caribbean countries specifically the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas as they are recently seen an uptake in criminal activity as well.

To be continued…

The Mazatlan Post Newsroom