Canadian Owners at Tiara Sands File for Injunction at Mazatlan Federal District Court Against Canadian Developer




Mexico Judicial Watch was contacted by Keith Meteer, president of Tiara Sands HOA corporation, and appointed the legal representative of 42 Canadian condo owners, who filed for injunctive relief before the Tenth Federal District Court against actions taken by Donald Ballard and Hugo Embleton for the dispossession of Tiara Sands condominiums. Tiara Sands had been managed for the past 10 years by the Tiara Sands HOA corporation which employed people working there as management, security guards and cleaning services.

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Mr. Meteer obtained the security videos show submachine gun armed police led by Mr. Ballard and by Hugo Embleton, an ex-manager and accountant who was fired by the Tiara Sands HOA Corporation in December 2018. The security video has been submitted to authorities. According to Keith Meteer, the Canadian condo owners who purchased condos from Mr. Ballard received no prior notification before the police arrived.

Mr. Meteer told Mexico Judicial Watch that the Tiara Sands condo owners believe Mr. Ballard’s actions took place in reaction to condo owners receiving a structural engineering report identifying serious structural building defects at Tiara Sands. Mr. Meteer and other condo owners stated that this is particularly a concern in Mazatlan where there is a dual-threat of earthquakes and hurricanes.

Mr. Meteer provided Mexico Judicial Watch with sales documents he received from Mr. Ballard indicating he is the legal representative of Meridian Developments and is associated with Oceanside Developments, which has a sales office in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada.

Mr. Meteer told Mexico Judicial Watch he and other Tiara Sands Canadian condo owners have reason to be concerned since Mr. Meteer was recently arrested and put in prison in Mazatlan on charges supported by testimony from Mr. Ballard and Mr. Embleton days after the preliminary report by the structural engineer identifying construction defects at Tiara Sands.

The injunction filed seeks to reverse the dispossession caused by Mr. Ballard and Mr. Embleton, and the use of excessive force to threaten Canadian citizens without any prior notification to the Tiara Sands condo owners.

Arual Espinosa,
Editor, Mexico Judicial Watch
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