Hummungus 412 pound Blue Marlin caught in Mazatlán


IS THAT A WHALE? No!’ It’s just a 412 pound Blue Marlin…

Ramón Puerto sports fishing team, one of the most experienced in Mazatlan, enjoys the capture of this colossus!

  • La dinastía Ramón Puerto, al lado de pescadores mochitenses con el imponente marlin azul. Foto: Cortesía1 de 1

It took an enormous effort to be able to raise the giant fish into the boat, and the voice of a little girl can be heard: ‘Is this a whale’? No!’ It is a blue marlin of 412 pounds.

The girl was one of the crew of the yacht who, under the helm of the experienced Mazatlan captain Ramón Puerto, sailed through the Pacific Ocean and returned with another stunning blue marlin in just one week. This one weighed 186.88 kilos (412 pounds).

Last Monday, on Ramón Puerto Jr’s birthday, father and son caught a ‘blue marlin’ along with another skilled and successful Mazatlan captain, Fracisco Javier Enciso, whose son (RIP) was an outstanding fisherman too, winner in multiple sport fishing tournaments.

Ramón Puerto Jr, con un marlin azul capturado el lunes pasado.

The capture of the 412-pound monster was witnessed by fishermen from Los Mochis who, next to the lush Mazatlecos, loudly celebrated a fishing trip full of adrenaline and pleasure.

Several tournaments have been won by the Puerto family, either in Topolobampo, Altata or Mazatlan, and their navigation is a guarantee of an enriching experience.

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