Mazatlan: CAPTA staff hand out free tickets for tomorrow’s great boxing event “Mexico against Puerto Rico”


MAZATLÁN.- In order that a great event never before seen in Mazatlan, as it is the big boxing card of next Saturday “Mexico against Puerto Rico”, be seen by a large number of Mazatlan and those who visit us, Center staff of Care and Tourist Protection (CAPTA) distributed free tickets on the Malecon and the main sites of tourist interest in the city.

On Thursday, the staff of the Tourist Care and Protection Center toured the boardwalk, recreational centers such as the Mazatlan Aquarium and hotels in the locality, to distribute tickets and enjoy free of charge the box fight of great level, in addition to mentioning The main attractions of this destination.

The extraordinary billboard to be held at the Mazatlan Multiple Use Center (CUM) that will be broadcasted internationally by the Televisa network, leads Pedro Guevara from Mazatlán and Janiel Rivera from Puerto Rico.

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In addition, there will be a fight by boxer Karim «Traviesito» Arce in an event supported by the President of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, which is one more stimulus of the current government.

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It is a gift for parents totally free, with bus routes at no cost and with the guarantee that will be developed in a first-level site.

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