AMLO orders to find where the bed of dollars that was confiscated from Zhenli Ye Gon has gone


Andrés Manuel López Obrador relied on the background of the case in the Service of Administration and Disposal of Assets (SAE) of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), because when he asked to investigate the forgiveness of taxes and how it was done , ‘it was only possible with Calderón approval. The rest disappeared ‘

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ordered to investigate where were the 205 million dollars that the Government of Felipe Calderón seized Zhenli Ye Gon.

“We all had saw the images. we all remember when they arrested the Chinese-Mexican citizen, how they had us, like a week, with that, or fifteen days. Remember? Images after images, of dollar stacks. I do not know, 200, 300 million dollars in a house, in Las Lomas. It would be great to reconstruct everything he declared. Well, until I know where the accused is now. Nobody knows, but what is less known is where the money was, “he said during his morning press conference.

For this reason, he informed that he ordered an investigation, with the aim of reaching as far as possible to find out where that money was “because, imagine, the President of Mexico does not know where the money was? Then, I sent to investigate where the money was. “

“I think that there must be the antecedents [in the SAE] because now that I ordered to investigate the tax condoning, how the taxes were forgiven, only Calderón could be here. The rest disappeared, “he said from the National Palace.

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The Chinese citizen accused Javier Lozano Alarcón, former Senator of the National Action Party (PAN), of extortion. He commented, at the time, that he had said: “Coopela or Cuellos”.

According to Ye Gon, that bed of money that was exhibited in public was for the campaign of then President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, accused by López Obrador of having stolen the presidential election of 2006.

Lozano was at that time Secretary of Labor when he was accused. He said he would sue Zhenli Ye Gon. Later he was caught receiving resources from a businessman accused of enriching himself with the sale of stolen fuel. Lozano gave up on the process.

Ye Gon was in the United States when, on March 2007, authorities entered his house and confiscated the banknotes.

The Chinese citizen said in an interview from the United States that “he agreed to keep the money in his house” because he and his family had been threatened by members of the National Action Party (PAN).

Ye Gon was charged in the United States with conspiracy to help fabricate 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on July 23, 2007.

Ye Gon says innocently. The Government of Calderón requested the extradition of Ye Gon and was endorsed by a Judge in February 2011. On October 18, 2016, it was handed over to the Mexican authorities.

“Coopelas o Cuello” became a common joke in Mexico and the phrase is still used today. Lozano had, at the time, strong support from the Mexican media that questioned the truth of what the Chinese citizen had said.

El Tri recorded the song “Coopela o Cueio”.

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