If you are traveling by road in Sinaloa, take extreme precautions!


The rainy season in Sinaloa makes it necessary for drivers to take the necessary measures and even be cautious of more, recommends Civil Protection in the region

Mazatlan, Sin. – If you are planning to undertake your summer trip by land, these days, take your forecasts against weather forecasts and the constant threat of rain in some sections of Sinaloa, Civil Protection recommended drivers verify the conditions of its unity and with it also on the roads that will pass through.

Óscar Osuna Tirado, coordinator of Civil Protection in southern Sinaloa, instructed the drivers, who should be surprised by heavy rain on the road, extreme measures and if required, it will always be preferable to stop and wait for the time necessary to avoid accidents.

“You have to check the conditions of the vehicle, if they are caught by a very heavy rain on the road that puts the visibility of it at risk, because the most necessary thing is to stop until the ones that are coming and improve the weather conditions to avoid a accident of this type, in case the rains are very heavy on the road “.

He pointed out that although, according to weather forecasts; estimate rainy days, mainly in the central and southern Sinaloa, in addition to the western states, at least the first rainfall, especially in some municipalities in the area, have not caused major problems, except the constant blackouts and suspension of electricity.

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“We have had little rain, this is not what the municipality of Concordia has reported rains, San Ignacio has reported rains, Rosario has reported light rains, as well as Escuinapa. No, they have not reported what are affected, only what is Rosario, Escuinapa and Mazatlan with some blackouts that have originated.

Osuna Tirado noted that in the case of Mazatlan there is a coordination with the administrators of the lodging centers so that, in case of abundant rain, they orient the tourists on the roads and area of ​​greater problems of flooding and flooding and not put at risk to the visitors, without neglecting the 911 line, if required to attend an emergency.

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