First rains of the season in Mazatlan cause blackouts


The rains were recorded in several areas of the city, while in others they remain without rainfall report 

Mazatlan.- After the first rain of the season in Mazatlan, the first ravages did not wait, the light rain and the wind that was felt in the city was what caused several failures in the electric power of several colonies. 

Power failures that occurred during the rain, were recorded from the beautiful field colony to the downtown area of ​​Mazatlan, also in Casa Blanca and along the entire sports avenue. 

Fortunately, there have been no accidents, but the problem that caused the lack of light caused some of the important avenues of the port to remain without a traffic light, which benefited the traffic chaos for several minutes. 

Conagua, through a statement on its social networks where it also shared the satellite image, reported that heavy rains were expected for the southern zone of the state of Sinaloa, during the early-night hours. 

Also, it is recommended that the population take precautions due to constant faults in the light and especially avoid exposure to the elements to avoid misfortune.

Discarded new blackout on boardwalk due to the CFE connectors. (Photo: THE DEBATE)

 The director of Public Services of Mazatlan, Luis Antonio González Olague, said the blackout on the Avenida Del Mar that occurred on Sunday night was caused by a transformer belonging to the Federal Electricity Commission.

The short was caused by a failure of connectors, which was generated by the humidity of the rain in the transformer.

Municipality discarded that this is repeated, once the lines of conduction received maintenance. 

The blackout surprised groups of tourists who were walking at that moment by the boardwalk.

And the incident was reported by hundreds of people and visitors through social networks, where they expressed their fear of insecurity due to the blackout. 

Source: el debate

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