Mexican athlete complains about government support that a “Ninis” scholarships are larger


“NINI” is an acronym that stands for (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) the term “NINI” refers to a person who is unemployed not in school or vocational training.

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The athlete originally from Campeche, María Fernanda Patrón, was interviewed recently and took the opportunity to point out that the Government of Mexico grants her a scholarship of $ 1,200 per month, an amount lower than that granted to students in the country.

The young athlete declared for Telemar: “It’s a little unfair that the students’ scholarship is bigger than ours when I’m still studying and like I’m trying to do both and their scholarship is bigger than mine”.

She added: “My scholarship is $ 1,200 per month. Only my running shoes cost 3 thousand and I change them every two months because they break me. “

What is said by Patrón, adds to the dissatisfaction of other athletes, who like the runner have narrated that the federal government does not support them enough, because even the beneficiaries of the Youth Building the Future program receive a scholarship of $ 3,600 per month?

It is worth mentioning that María Fernanda is a 100-meter gold champion with hurdles from the North, Central America and Caribbean championships 

Source: 24-horas.

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