Sinaloa: Finally a 10% wage increase to Ahome policemen


Mayor Billy Chapman announced the increase in the framework of the day of the Municipal Police

Los Mochis, Sin.- Mayor Manuel Guillermo Chapman announced the 10% salary increase for the Ahome policemen in the framework of the celebration of preventive agents, held this Saturday in Los Mochis.

Chapman acknowledged the work performed by the preventive agents throughout the municipality and announced an increase that is historic compared to the previous years.

The announcement occurred during the celebration of the day of the municipal policeman in the vicinity of the Salon Figlos, south of the city, where there was also a raffle and cohabitation for the agents.

Before the celebration, the commanders of the corporation paid tribute to the fallen elements in fulfillment of their duty, in a formal ceremony that took place in the facilities of the Directorate of Public Security.

Source: linea directa

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