AMLO looks for agreements with universities to increase the number of medical students


The president pointed out that he will respect the autonomy of the universities, but that this ‘give me and do not give an account’ is over on the support given by the Government.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed on Saturday that the Government will promote the training of more doctors through agreements with universities and medical schools.

“We are going to make agreements with the public universities and with the schools or faculties of Medicine, but it will not be ‘to see, we are going to give a budget to the university and you see how you increase the enrollment ‘. No (it will be like that), “he explained on his tour of IMSS hospitals in Michoacán.

The president clarified that the delivery of resources will be “very directed” to the increase of medical students, so the Government will ask for accounts on how the supports are used.

“What we are going to give you is going to be for that, that is very directed, because if not, we do not advance, I will be respectful of the autonomy of the universities, but that ‘give and give and give me, and not be held accountable, ‘”he warned.

In this regard, López Obrador accused that some universities in the country are managed by “caciques” who do business with those rejected in the admission exams of public higher education institutions.

“It is not possible to close the doors of public universities and those who dominated the universities put private schools , so that all rejected to go to their private universities where you have to pay tuition,” he criticized.

Earlier, the president said that Mexico has a shortage of doctors in the health sector.

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“There are 270 thousand 600 general practitioners in the country and we must have, according to the international standard, 393 thousand 600 doctors, that is, we have 123 thousand doctors in the country,” he said during his visit to Villamar Rural Hospital in Michoacán.

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