Do they charge you for water in hotels and restaurants? Sinaloa deputies propose a bill that purified water is FREE


Yeraldine Bonilla, from Morena; Roxana Rubio, of the PAN, and Margarita Inzunza, of the PRI, propose an initiative so that in this type of establishments the purified water is free.

Culiacán, Sin.- On Tuesday, Morena deputy Yeraldine Bonilla, PAN member Roxana Rubio, and PRI Margarita Inzunza presented a bill to make purified water available in public restaurants and sports venues and offer it to the public in a glass cup.

In a press conference offered jointly by the three deputies, the president of the Commission of Ecology, PAN Rubio said that the intention is to reduce the use of plastic and also promote the consumption of the liquid.

“The initiative is that you are going to arrive at a restaurant and they have to serve you purified water, but many times you arrive at a restaurant, you ask for water immediately they bring you the bottle, that’s what we want to avoid,” he said.

While the PRIistas Margarita Inzunza commented that another of the purposes of the amendments to the General Health Law is to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks and opt for natural water.

“This is modifying Article 32 bis of the General Health Law of the State of Sinaloa in its second chapter where it frames the care of water, water consumption and health promotion,” he said.

For its part, the president of the Commission for Youth and Sports, Yeraldine Bonilla, said that there are many people who go to different outdoor spaces and gyms to exercise, but they sell bottled water and now it is intended to be available in free form.

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