In only seven months, 19 resign from AMLO Government


The IMSS, Semarnat, The CRE, The INEE, Conacyt, are some of the dependencies with these cases

For controversial events, personal reasons or to differ with the new administration, a total of 19 officials of high and medium level resigned in the first seven months of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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The senator Moreno Germain on May 21 left the general direction of the IMSS to accuse the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of seeking excessive control of the budget.

Four days later, Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena announced on Twitter her resignation as Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), after the scandal for asking an airline to delay a commercial flight to reach it on a work tour.

Tonatiuh Guillén López resigned on June 14 to the direction of the National Institute of Migration. A week before, the Mexican government committed itself to the US to use the National Guard to stop the migratory flow of the southern border in exchange for avoiding the imposition of tariffs.

” They are resignations that worry because it means that those who were appointed to an assignment with certain responsibilities do not find a consistency in the orientation of these public entities, ” said Jacqueline Peschard, a UNAM scholar.

Guillermo García resigned as president of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). He differed with the government and his vision of the energy issue.

Three other members left the CRE: Guillermo Zúñiga, Marcelino Madrigal and Montserrat Ramiro.

Felipe de Jesús Muñoz and Omar García Harfuch left the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic. The latter went on to lead the Research Police of the CDMX.

Clara Torres left the children’s program, unhappy about the changes to the program and Patricia Bugarín resigned as Undersecretary of Security.

For personal reasons, two members left the National Hydrocarbons Commission, including Juan Carlos Zepeda , who left to preside over it on December 1, the first day of the current government.

Semarnat had two other resignations. In the Inbal, Conacyt, INEE and Tourism Secretariat, one was counted for each institution.

Source: heraldodemexico

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