Mexican civil engineers denounce declarations on NAIM from UMAI leader


On July 4, Salvador Landeros, president of the Mexican Union of Engineers Associations (UMAI), assured that the cancellation of the New Mexico International Airport in Texcoco was the best decision.

The College of Civil Engineers of Mexico (CICM) broke away from the statements of Salvador Landeros Ayala, president of the UMAI, who last week said that canceling the New Mexico International Airport (NAIM) was the best decision.

“The CICM disclaims the aforementioned opinion, given that the consensus of the members of the Mexican Union of Engineers’ Associations (UMAI) was not requested, and because it is an issue that was duly attended by a technical group. of work “, they specify in a letter sent to the second organization.

Last Thursday, in the framework of the National Day of the Engineer and before the Secretary of Communications and Transportation, Javier Jiménez Espriú, the president of the Mexican Union of Engineering Associations said that canceling the Texcoco airport was the best decision in technical terms, social, economic, environmental, financial and legal.

“As president of the UMAI, after analyzing the report of the reasons for the cancellation of the New Airport project, and listening to the members and experts in various specialties, I am convinced, free of created commitments and without conflicts of interest, that the best decision was taken in technical, social, economic, environmental, financial and legal terms, “he said.

The CICM clarified in this regard that in the month of August 2018 the then President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “asked the organized engineering of the country” to comment on the best proposal to solve the saturation of the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City (AICM) ).

“At the end of these studies, the CICM technical body concluded that the best option was to continue, until its completion, the construction of the New Mexico International Airport in Texcoco,” he said.

In that sense, the College of Civil Engineers said that the recent opinion on the NAIM Landeros Ayala “was a clear statement against collegial recommendations issued by other institutions, such as the CICM.”

With this pronouncement, he said, the president of UMAI failed to comply with some of the statutory principles that govern said organization.

“Due to the above, the CICM, member of the UMAI, requests through the Executive Commission of the UMAI to convene the Steering Committee, made up of the presidents of the member organizations, to an Extraordinary Assembly,” he said in a letter.

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