Mazatlan real estate fraudster reported; he asks for deposits to rent houses and disappears

Through Facebook a person puts houses for rent at very low prices so that people fall, but at the time of handing over the keys they no longer show up at homes

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Taking advantage of the microphones of Qué Pasa in Mazatlan, the citizen Delia Covarrubias denounced César Enrique Villalobos García, who is of Salvadoran origin but for several years came to Mazatlan in a migrant caravan.

As they explain, César Enrique won the trust of the family and was given asylum, little by little he was given responsibilities such as handing over the keys to some of the family’s rental houses, but years later this person allegedly fell into vice. of drugs and started stealing and cheating customers.

Upon realizing this, the family ran to César Enrique on different occasions, however this returned, and having a copy of the keys to the houses, he offered them on Facebook with fake accounts at very cheap prices. I went, showed them and requested a deposit, but when I went to give the keys to give the accommodation to whom I paid, I no longer showed up.

“He is a swindler and the truth is not valid, because many times they go and complain to us that we are but it is really he who was given the trust and paid us like this,” denounced Delia.

Some of the accounts of this person on Facebook are: Alejandro Luna, Cesar Garcia Garcia, Maxi Mar, and Maxy Mar, so the family requests to ignore this person and be careful to be scammed.

Source: que pasa en mazatlan

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