Why Do Mexicans Say Provecho?


In Spanish, the expression Buen Provecho is utilized all through the Spanish talking world. Be that as it may, it is particularly normal in Mexico. In Mexico, it is our variant of the French saying bon appetit or the German mahlzeit.

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What does “Buen Provecho” mean in Spanish?

A free interpretation of Buen Provecho would be something like “make the most of your dinner”. Be that as it may, an increasingly strict interpretation would need to originate from its root. “Provecho” comes from a similar root as the action word aprovechar, which signifies “to exploit”. Despite the fact that in this specific situation, a superior interpretation for aprovechar is “to benefit as much as possible from”. Accordingly, a stricter interpretation of Buen Provecho is something along the lines of “capitalize on your dinner”.

There is another setting when Mexicans can in some cases state “buen provecho”. On the off chance that somebody burps, at that point Mexicans can at times answer with buen provecho. In this specific circumstance, it deciphers more as “may your nourishment settle well”.

When do I say “Buen Provecho” in Mexico?

Like the Arabic bismillah, buen provecho can be said before a feast begins. In any case, it is frequently said when somebody is eating a dinner and you are in their quality. On the off chance that you happen to see somebody having their lunch in the lunchroom when you are snatching a glass of water, at that point that is the perfect time to state buen provecho. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you see somebody having an early lunch before they dart off to a gathering, at that point you would state buen provecho. Truly, you state it whenever that somebody is eating in your essence and you are definitely not.

Saying “Buen Provecho” in a café in Mexico:

On the off chance that you stroll into a café, at that point you state Buen Provecho to the general population eating, and they will frequently answer with “gracias” or “igualmente” (which signifies “in like manner”). It tends to be monotonous to state Buen Provecho to each table eating supper as you are being driven through a long café, so it is all the more regularly said when somebody turns upward from their table and looks at you. Observe however this incorporates outsiders and not simply associates or great companions.

So also, Buen Provecho is additionally said when you leave an eatery after your supper, and you see tables that are simply getting their feast. It isn’t important to state Buen Provecho to individuals that have not gotten their feast or are not yet in the demonstration of eating.

How to state “Buen Provecho” in Mexico?

In all actuality, Mexicans scarcely ever state “Buen Provecho”. They all the more frequently simply state its abbreviated variant, “Provecho”, which actually as of now suggests that you wish them well—particularly with regards to wishing them well while they are eating. Regularly between companions, you will hear the humble addition appended to the word, making the adage: Provechito. It’s only an increasingly casual approach to state Provecho.

You extremely just state the full expression “Buen Provecho” in the event that you are in formal conditions, similar to an extravagant supper with the expanded, older family. Perhaps at a wedding, or in for the most part the sort of situation when you would utilize the formal Usted structure.

For what reason do Mexicans say “Buen Provecho”?

Another of the many theories says that in the countries of the East, getting up from the table without previously having belched is very frowned upon. Why? Because this means that the food that they just ingested was not profitable and therefore, it was not tasty.

That is why, we can observe so many times, for example, the Chinese eat with their mouths open making noises, belching or emitting gases of all kinds. In the case that I mention, it is a pride for them to proceed like this.

For many reasons more is that nowadays, in any country they usually say ” Buen Provecho ” and their meanings are endless. As far as Argentina is concerned , I can inform you that saying this phrase is the same as asking permission to get up from the table or, a good wish for food.

And if we say only the word ” Provecho”, its meaning in itself is of the type to take advantage of a certain act. To understand, if I say “I bought this book to get the most out of information,” what I want to tell you is that I bought the same to take away as much information as I can.

Presently I state provecho as an automatic response any place I go.

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