Bureaucrats ask AMLO to attend to Mexicans needs 1st before migrants


Joel Ayala, leader of the Federation of Workers in the Service of the State, said that health, education, and work should first be provided to Mexicans

Joel Ayala Almeida, líder de la Federación de Sindicatos de Trabajadores al Servicio del Estado. (Cuartoscuro)

Joel Ayala Almeida, leader of the Federation of Trade Unions of Workers in the Service of the State (FSTSE), said that although they are in solidarity with the migrants, the federal government “must first provide health, education and work to Mexicans.”

When inaugurating the Teachers’ Room and the Common Use Area for students of the Institute of Trade Union Studies of Public Administration of the FSTSE, he indicated that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador before welcoming the migrants, with whom the union was In solidarity, the people of Mexico demand that the just demands of their inhabitants be addressed first.

The leader said that “we will be in solidarity with all the migrants who arrive, cross the country and demand services and attention”; However, he insisted that “unfortunately” the demand that his union has been making on health matters is still not fully met.

“We are insisting on the provision of medicines in a complete manner for hospitals, institutes and clinics, which should offer quality care to Mexicans; It is not a request, but a requirement to the Mexican State which is obliged to respond, “he said.

When referring to the wage negotiation for the million and a half workers that the FSTSE groups together, Joel Ayala informed that the request for the beginning of negotiations has already been submitted in a timely manner under a firm position through the institutional channel.

He argued that the benefits of basic workers to the State Service are firm and secure, therefore, he added “we will start from what we have achieved each year; we will increase each one of the regions of those rights and we will look for others that benefit the workers we represent “.

When referring to the INESAP of the FSTSE, he explained that throughout its 23 years 10,000 students have been titled in the bureaucratic law degree. In 2019, 700 students study at this institution and with that, they support public education in the country.

After inaugurating and touring the new spaces, accompanied by teachers, students and leaders of the 89 unions grouped by the FSTSE, Joel Ayala said that in the month of December will begin to teach the Masters in Public Administration.

“There is no doubt that the work carried out by INESAP has great relevance as it is an opportunity for thousands of young Mexicans looking to prepare themselves better.”

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