Sinaloa Roads and Transportation department detects 60 bus drivers under the influence of some drug


None has shown proof that he took a rehabilitation treatment

Sinaloa.- So far this year, 60 urban transport drivers have been detected under the influence of some drug, the same ones whose license has been withdrawn, informed Feliciano Valle, Director of Roads and Transportation.

He indicated that of these, none has given a record that he took a rehabilitation treatment, so they have not been given back the driving license.

“It is a great irresponsibility to drive under the influence of a drug and because we are very aware of a drug, then we are very aware of that issue and while the Ministry of Health does not send us an opinion where it says that driver has completed his treatment and is fully rehabilitated can not provide the service, until now we have not received any opinion of any driver, “he said.

The director of Roads and Transportation explained that they are drivers throughout the state, and are willing to be allowed to continue working, as long as they comply with their treatment and to which they will be in strict surveillance.

Source: linea directa

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