Baja California urgently needs marijuana regulation


Calexico, California, is already considered the possibility of establishing dispensaries for the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana, in Baja California should think about regulating this substance to avoid phenomena such as cannabis tourism to the neighboring country.

The foregoing was stated by the lawyer specialized in Human Rights, Manuel Cárdenas, who points out that they are currently looking for permits to be regulated in Baja California and throughout Mexico for the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.

In the United States and in this case Calexico, some permits for the sale and recreational consumption of marijuana are already in process, but it must be taken into account that there may be phenomena of people crossing the border into the neighboring country to consume this substance.

This phenomenon will cause more restrictions in the border crossing, while the issue is not regulated in Baja California, on the principles of progressiveness and liberties of personality development, which in the future could give many benefits to Baja California for the collection issue.

Only on the border of Tijuana with San Diego is cannabis tourism, which has given great benefits in tax collection, as a single dispensary brings millions of dollars in taxes to the city.

He clarified that anyone who tries to cross marijuana from the United States to Mexico, can be stopped, if it exceeds the limits of what can be their permission, which is very personal, for medicinal use.

Source: lavozdelafrontera

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