SpotHolding, the successful real estate ecosystem that reforms the industry in Mexico


David Agmon, CEO of SpotHolding, presents the successful real estate ecosystem that came to reform the industry in Mexico: SpotHolding, a group of several companies that changed the way in which it is invested and commercialized in the real estate industry in the housing sector. The companies are: Inverspot, Premiumspot, and Sellspot.

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The SpotHolding group is integrated by:

Inverspot, a company in the process of being regulated by the Fintech Law, is a platform that allows small investors to enter the real estate sector, something that had never been seen before.

Premiumspot is a real estate agency that allows investors to buy an apartment so that when it is ready they decide to keep it, collect rents or sell it and earn a profit for the discount obtained plus the generated value.

Sellspot is a real estate company that sells apartments to the end user, with the competitive advantage that you will find more than 400 affiliate brokers that promote properties and earn attractive commissions.

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Agmon comments: “We are a group that innovates, creates and support companies by providing them with all the necessary tools to generate value and growth through structured management, efficient marketing and a commitment to their society. We create SpotHolding always concerned about the environment and make everyone join, like giving the opportunity to independent or real estate brokers to promote their inventory and their investments so that they earn commissions. For example, people who have tried to generate income with this scheme have obtained up to $ 80,000 pesos per month. “

Group of companies that changed the way in which it is invested and commercialized in the real estate industry in the housing sector:

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Inverspot is the company of the group founded in 2016, and is recognized as the first platform that seeks to form groups of people interested in investing in real estate developments in order to obtain attractive returns in previously valued developments. The investment can range from $ 50,000 to $ 200,000 pesos with an average annual yield of 28%.

Inverspot, as the leading crowdfunding platform specialized in the real estate sector, is the best way to invest in construction, because it seeks to give people greater access to the world of real estate investments and make the crowdfunding industry a safe way, practice and dynamics of interaction and investment.

Within Inverspot you can obtain high yields (estimated average of 18% per year) and your investment is supported by means of a contract of transfer of rights and by the real estate itself. Currently, they are in the process of regularization under the Fintech Law and is a member of the Association of Collective Funding Platforms (Afico)

Some of the advantages of investing your money within this company are that they have the option of investing from $ 50,000 pesos in construction with the opportunity to diversify your capital in different projects. An example of one of their success stories was Minnesota No.5, Col. Napoles, where investors obtained a return of 38% in 14 months with a participation of $ 100,000. This means that for every $ 100,000 invested they earned $ 138,000 (annual return of 32.57%).

Inverspot focuses on small works and only invests where the demand for housing is greater than the supply, speeding up the closing of the investment. To see capital growth, you should always verify where you invest, know the risks, if possible, diversify your capital so that the company is the point of real estate investment.

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Premiumspot is a platform that allows investors to invest in departments from $ 1 million pesos to subsequently obtain good value and excellent returns (approximately more than 20% per year). It is a group of people who have worked in the real estate and technology financial sector with more than 10 years of experience.

The mission is to provide investors with avant-garde and profitable investment projects through secure processes. The security of the investment is supported in the obtaining of a contract of purchase-sale of a department, in addition, it is not necessary to liquidate the missing part of the property, but, until it is sold by the real estate agent or the contacts themselves of the investors.

Within Premiumspot, the property can be sold before the anticipated lapse at a higher value, in order that the expected return increases in a considered manner.

Premiumspot promotes the investment culture because to obtain financial stability you need to have capital working.

Sellspot is a real estate company that offers excellent services in real estate commercialization, through a team of collaborators and sales with 15 years of experience in real estate. Currently, they have spent 3 years in the sector, in which they have managed to market more than 19 developments throughout Mexico City.

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They have a sales force of 300 brokers affiliated with the platform and as added value to the developers, they offer:

· Analysis and comparison of prices and projects.

· Mass advertising

· A unique projection of development.

· Commercial alliances with all banks.

· The purchase and sale of land as added value.

· Management and processing of mortgage credit without cost.

· Management and support in titling.

· Supervised and properly trained sales team in each project.

In Sellspot you work as a team. They have a professionalism achieved through discipline, confidence, and desire to learn and progress. They use advanced technology and provide honesty, loyalty, and responsibility. Sellspot accompanies the client throughout the process, from booking to deed. They offer a service of a high level of attention, experiences in the area and constant training in order to provide a degree of total quality in all its services.

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