Preparing recipes with marijuana is also a good way to enjoy the properties of this plant. In salads, smoothies or detox juices we can use it without having gone through the process of decarboxylation, which allows preserving all its natural properties intact. It will be good for your digestive system, it will provide you with vitamins and minerals and will protect you against aging, among other benefits that will make it an ingredient to consider in your kitchen.

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis. One of them is incorporating it into our diet in a natural way. A healthy option that will not only make us enjoy its intense flavor and aroma, but also will bring us amazing benefits for our body, from an extra energy thanks to its vitamins and minerals to a fiber contribution that will regulate the digestive system and allow the correct functioning of our body. 

Now, to enjoy these qualities without risk of the psychoactive effects of cannabis will be necessary to take raw marijuana. Proposals such as salads, smoothies or detox juices have added followers in recent years, which have seen first-hand the great health benefits of the purest cannabis alternative. Even some experts consider fresh cannabis as a ‘superfood’ of the future.

In these cases, we must not submit cannabis to any type of cooking or heating process, to avoid the transformation of THC. Therefore, for it to become the star ingredient of your dishes, it will only be necessary to approach your marijuana plant and choose the best leaves, as if it were any other edible vegetable. 

Preventing the exposure of cannabis to heat will prevent decarboxylation  from taking place and will allow the organic components with more properties, such as cannabinoid acids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and alkaloids, to be conserved, with excellent benefits for our body. 

1. Your body feeds on cannabinoid acids

Cannabis in its natural state has THCA and CBDA cannabinoid acids . Now, once heat is applied to marijuana and the aforementioned decarboxylation process occurs, these acids will be transformed into THC and CBD and will provide various effects to the consumer. However, the body is not able to assimilate all the properties of these compounds once transformed, something that can be achieved with its purest version.

These cannabinoid acids are responsible for facilitating cellular communication through the endocannabinoid system, so their absence can weaken the defenses and cause deficiencies that lead to ailments such as migraines, fibromyalgia or irritable bowel syndrome. The presence of these acids through the intake of raw cannabis will strengthen the endocannabinoid system responsible for physiological processes as complex as memory, appetite or pain sensation.

2. Your digestive system is activated with an extra fiber

As we have heard on more than one occasion, fiber is a nutritional element that can not be missed in a balanced diet. Thanks to it, we can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent constipation and reduce the risk of colon cancer . Therefore, choosing foods rich in fiber, such as raw cannabis, is key to our body’s health. 

The main source of fiber in marijuana will be found in its freshest leaves. The greener they are, the better qualities they will have. In this way, incorporating them into your salads will not only allow you to take care of yourself, but you can also enjoy its pure flavor.

3. You stay young thanks to its powerful antioxidants

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), present in raw marijuana, has antioxidants that are reduced after decarboxylation. Although the CBD continues to have these properties, its more natural version activates the cannabinoid system causing a greater release of antioxidants. 

These substances help to cleanse the body of toxins , while producing an anti-aging effect . It has even been shown that these antioxidant properties would protect brain cells, since fresh cannabis would provide the quality of neuroprotective .

In this sense, there are also indications that terpenoids and flavonoids, present in marijuana, can increase cerebral blood flow and improve neuronal activity, which is beneficial for diseases such as Alzheimer’s . 

4. You get the healthy and necessary fats 

Not all fat is harmful to our health. Unlike. Our body needs the so-called essential fatty acids for proper activity. These play a key role in our body, as they are responsible for the functioning of vital areas such as the brain, heart or skin. 

The only two essential fatty acids for humans are linolenic and linoleic , which must be obtained through the diet. If these are supplied, the body can synthesize the rest of fatty acids it needs. Still, marijuana leaves add more by providing a healthy balance between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids .

Also the cannabis seeds  and cannabis oil contain these essential acids and bring your recipes a different and healthy twist. In addition, these products are a source of vegetable protein highly valued among vegetarians and vegans. For example, hemp seeds contain between 37% and 50% high quality protein and are easily digested, so they are also recommended for people with stomach ailments.

5. You feel more energized thanks to its minerals and vitamins

Like other vegetables, marijuana contains vitamins and minerals that our body needs to stay active. His contributions include iron , vital for the transport of oxygen throughout the body, or calcium , responsible for keeping our bones healthy. In addition, marijuana has vitamin C , essential for the growth and repair of tissues, and vitamin K , key in the production of proteins that help to coagulate the blood and prevent heart diseases. These benefits will make you feel more energized to perform your daily tasks and will allow you to combat spring asthenia .

Now, marijuana is unique in its kind and only it, of all the vegetables, adds cannabinoid acids that complete its nutritional contribution and strengthen the immune system. So, the next time you prepare a salad with spinach, lettuce or broccoli add some fresh marijuana leaves to feel much better. 

As we see, marijuana and its benefits does not stop surprising us. Now we not only have reasons to enjoy the properties of decarboxylated cannabis, but we can also eat it raw to take care of our health .

Source: lamota.org

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