Mazatlan women transform fish waste into works of art


Women wives and daughters of fishermen, as well as maquila workers, make different articles with skin and fish scales that they commercialize to help in their economy

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A dozen women, including wives and daughters of fishermen, as well as maquila workers, began in October 2018, a project to transform fish waste into real works of art through costume jewelry and other articles of daily use. , which to this day still stands and leaving fruit.

Earrings, belts, huaraches, wallets and even hats are some of the pieces that can be decorated with skin and fish scales, which are sold at tourist points in Mazatlan to help the family economy, said Leticia Isabel Torres Durán, one of the ten artisans who continue in self-employment.

“We tanned the skin, the scales too, we make costume jewelery; earrings necklaces, bracelets, lining shoes, bags, necklaces of thread, leather, fish skin earrings eh “.

The peculiar craftsmanship has attracted the attention of dozens of tourists who can appreciate it in the stands placed outside Mazatlan Aquarium and in the Plazuela Machado on weekends, since besides being colorful, the prices of some earrings can be from 50 pesos, up to a complete set of jewelry for 250 pesos or leather shoes for 200 pesos, for example.

“Economically for us as housewives our husbands are fishermen and they remain unemployed in these times, we provide a little help, of loss for the tortillas”.

The group of women that initially was formed by 30 people, learned the skills thanks to Professor Gabriel Tiznado Aguilar, who taught them the process of tanning of skin and coloring of the scales, which little by little have been perfected in a small improvised workshop thanks to the Refugio Pesquero y Administración del Parque Bonfil (Repebac).

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