Businessmen will create a figure similar to the canceled Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico


Concanaco bets on an alternate figure of private origin, which will include a trust of companies and local governments and will promote destinations, but not brands.

To fill the gap left by the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM), the business sector of the country last details to give life to an alternate figure of private origin, which will include a trust of companies and local governments, with the aim of attracting foreign and national tourism to our country, said José Manuel López Campos, president of the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur).

Faced with the decision of the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to disappear the CPTM, the Yucatecan businessman announced that it could be in August when the tourism promotion project of the private sector is presented, which initially would start with the members of the Concanaco – from the large hotel chains, airlines, among others, even small businesses – with the option of adding other agencies, as well as state and local authorities of tourist destinations.

In an interview with El Economista, the leader of the tertiary sector commented that destinations will be promoted, but not brands of companies, although behind the promotion project are just companies of hotel chains, restaurants, amusement parks, shipping companies, among others.

He described as regrettable that the Senate voted for the disappearance of the public body that promoted the tourist image of Mexico, which had prompted the arrival of tourists to Mexico.

Without the presence of a promotion, the country has been affected by a 7% drop in the booking of hotel rooms and flights, while companies have lost up to 70% of their profits, where job positions are at risk, The government decided to “tighten its belts and remove the budget for tourism promotion”.

It is for this reason that now it will be up to businessmen to take on the role of promoting the industry that contributes 7% to GDP. “We are working on the scope, and in August we will have the announcement until the Council is set up, and there will be the bases, in the way in which the accounts and the objectives of short, medium and long terms will be made transparent. So we aspire to replace the CPTM, but, realistically, we will go from step to step, “said López Campos.

Among the challenges to pursue are maintaining the promotion based on new markets to attract tourism; and beyond increasing the number of visitors, increase the economic flow they make during their stay in Mexico.

The Concanaco proposed to the federal government to rely on its network of chambers of the country and those with which it has links abroad, to train the personnel of embassies and consulates of Mexico in the world, so that they can carry out an effective promotion of the tourist attractions that contribute to raise the collection of foreign currency.

Manuel López urged to work to “urgently fill the void left by the CPTM and replace it as soon as possible, which is why we call on companies and organizations of the Private Initiative to implement the alternatives to obtain resources to supply it”.

Source: el economista

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