Mazatlan organizes vendors and services on its beaches


This year they will determine the number of itinerants “vendors” that each beach must have, as well as service providers, minimum access to the coastal zone and delimitation of safe strips for bathers.

Mazatlan, Sin.- The project for the reorganization of the Federal Maritime Land Zone is still ongoing, includes not only street vendors, fixed and semi-fixed, but also sales spins, access to beaches, bathers with directions and services according to the influx of tourists.

It started at the roundabout Rodolfo Sánchez Taboada, in Paseo Claussen, and this year it is expected to conclude the management system that will serve as a basis to put order in each beach area, from the Centennial to Cerritos, without leaving Isla de la Piedra aside. New Mazatlan

Last year, permits were relocated or canceled to 27 of the 54 vendors operating in the Sanchez Taboada roundabout, prior to the Tianguis Turístico Mazatlán 2018.

This year is expected to conclude the management system, a study conducted by Dr. Omar Cervantes of the University of Colima, he is an oceanographer and specialist in management systems, who visited the port during the high seasons of summer, winter and past Carnival to collect the information.

This reordering project is done in coordination with Sectur, Semarnat, Codesin, City Hall, Mayoría, Operator and Beach Manager of Mazatlán, hoteliers and representatives of vendors and service providers operating in Zofemat, which includes four stages, the first is about to materialize and covers the beach area of ​​Valentinos to Camino al Mar, between Rafael Buelna and the intersection of Gaviotas and Camarón Sábalo avenues.

The second section covers from the Camino al Mar to the hotel El Faro, but could extend to Cerritos; the third stage, everything that is the Malecón, from Valentinos to Paseo el Centenario, and as a fourth stage, there are two options: Isla de la Piedra or Nuevo Mazatlán.

“We are waiting for the result in this month or the beginning of the next, we will give the results of the first stage system, to give us the parameters, in fact Semarnat is very interested in the subject, especially because it is she who gives permits to fixed or semi-fixed street vendors, “said Rogelio Osuna Olivas , director of Operadora and Administradora de Playas de Mazatlán.

He pointed out that with respect to sellers, the number of permits and transfers per beach area has to be defined, in co-operation with Semarnat.

Vendors and workers who provide their services on beaches said they did not know about the project, but at the outset said they oppose relocation, delimitation or leaving them in an area, since their permit allows them to move throughout the Federal Maritime Zone Terrestrial, either on beaches or on the sidewalk of the Malecon.

On the other hand, vendors that remain in the roundabout Sánchez Taboada expressed that the reordering of that area was a disaster, because the touristic modules never arrived with which it was intended to give harmony to the scenic beauty of the esplanade; on the contrary, now it looks half-empty, since while some are down in the roundabout others operate on the sidewalk of Paseo Claussen.

Those who were relocated in the streets of the malecon and in front of the Mazatlán Aquarium, lament to accept the agreement, because the sales are very low in those places and it occurs for short periods.


Olivas Osuna reported that Operadora y Administradora de Playa works cooperating with the State Tourism Secretariat and the City of Mazatlan, through the Office of the Mayor and the Subdirectorate of Commerce, in the reordering of street vendors, fixed and semi-fixed.

He announced that the first stage of the management system has already been carried out, which will provide the parameter of how many vendors should be in beach areas and what type of turn.

That is going to give us the guidelines to do the four stages with the support of Codesin, we are waiting for the second, third and fourth stage to be approved Rogelio Osuna Olivas

He said that the first stage encompassed the Valentinos towards Camino al Mar, in the direction of the Gaviotas and Camarón Sábalo intersection, and is currently analyzing the second stage, whose original proposal is from the Camino al Mar to the old hotel El Faro, and is in analysis, extend it to Cerritos.

The third stage will be the Malecón, from Valentinos to Paseo el Centenario, and the fourth will be either Isla de la Piedra or El Nuevo Mazatlán.

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He commented that it is a management system study that will help visualize the problem and achieve better results through actions and decision making based on facts and data.

The study is conducted by Dr. Omar Cervantes , professor and researcher at the University of Colima, he is an oceanographer and specialist in management systems, proposed by the Council for the Economic Development of the State of Sinaloa (Codesin).

Codesin was the one who brought him to Mazatlan to give us as operator that management system, he visited Mazatlan in three seasons: summer, winter and Carnival, seeing how many visitors there were, the number of vendors, the number of service providers and what he did in three hours, at 11:00 in the morning, at 3:00 and at 6:00 in the afternoon, to define the number of inhabitants on average, in which areas there are more tourists and how many vendors there are, he made his variables and more or less gave us the areas of opportunity that we can improve in terms of services or amenities Omar Cervantes


Among the first actions that will be implemented, are the directions, delimiting the bathers area, as well as look for some easement or access to the beach, since currently the stretch of Valentinos to Camino al Mar, corresponding to the first stage, there are only two official accesses to the beaches, the others are through private land.

Rogelio Osuna said that the ideal is to start with the second stage of the management system, which will be up to the hotel El Faro or Cerritos, since each of the stages will be variable.

In the case of the Malecón it is different, because there is no hotel in front, the circumstances in each one are going to change, I believe that Sectur will support very strongly in that project of Del Mar Avenue Rogelio Osuna

He said that the next stages of the project have to start this year, although not in a hurry, because the study has to be real, objective and above all, following the established guidelines and rules.

“In terms of sellers, the study has to define the permits, it has to be in collaboration with Semarnat, which are the correct permits, which are the turns that should be, that in the end will serve as a tool for the definition of the actions, “he said.

He clarified that an important element for the realization of the reordering will be the socialization of the project.

“Before getting to the implementation you have to socialize to reach agreements, there is no way to talk about it before … the idea is to implement it in stages, the one we are seeing in the first part is certified beach; we want, if they give us the conditions, to certify the other stretch of beach, but yes, before we want to get closer with the service providers of that area, “he concluded.


Daniel “N” sells toys for 25 years in the beach area of ​​Mazatlan, of which 13 years ago with permission from Zona Federal, he says that always, the lawsuit with hoteliers and municipal, state and federal governments, It has been that they want to pigeonhole them in a beach area, when their permit covers everything that is Zofemat, that is beach and Malecón.

He commented that despite the fact that permits are no longer given, they continue to see how, in high seasons, vendors from all over come to offer the same products as they do, and the inspectors do nothing to evict them.

Currently, weekends dozens of posts are placed on Del Mar avenue, next to Valentinos, when the permits to sell merchandise in that section in a semi-fixed manner are 10, says Daniel.

He said that the municipal administration in turn, is allowing them to climb the boardwalk to sell their product in a traveling, but not fixed, and that is why more sellers are seen.

For his part, Gregorio “N”, seller of handicrafts in Playa Gaviotas for 30 years, accuses the hoteliers of being the promoters of the project of reorganization of the Federal Zone, since they seek to monopolize the entire beach area and remove as many of possible sellers.

He asked that they be allowed to work as they are and he protested against the relocation and re-accommodation of money orders.


Guadalupe “N” and her husband have been selling clothes in the Sanchez Taboada roundabout for more than 20 years, she says that the reordering in that area in 2018 was a failure, because the project never materialized and only brought them debts, since for more One year they were removed to the esplanade, while another 27 were relocated to the Malecón intersections or in front of the Mazatlan Aquarium.

He says that this year they felt the need to get back on the sidewalk of the Malecón, but those who sell food stayed in the esplanade, due to Civil Protection recommendations; Now, he adds, they are divided, and the same people who visit the gazebo tell them that they look half-empty and alone.

Of the tourist modules that were offered to them, not even their lights, it responds.

More than one of the relocated vendors, visit them to regret their decision, because where they are now, sales are very scarce, and all for receiving money that they promised.

The popular saying says that “after the storm comes the calm”, but for the vendors of the roundabout Sanchez Taboada this refrain does not apply, since again the rumor runs, increasingly strong, that another reordering of the Federal Zone is coming , so that street vendors in this area rush to pay their debts that still drag since last year, and are entrusted so that the changes do not occur in full peak tourism season, as it happened before the tourist tianguis Mazatlan 2018, which remember with bitterness.


768 sellers with permission from Semarnat operate in the Federal Maritime Land Zone of Mazatlan.

800 street vendors, semifixed and fixed work with permits issued by the City of Mazatlan in public areas

200 vendors work as “tolerated”, according to the Mayoría Oficial.



From Valentinos to Camino al Mar

Between Rafael Buelna and crossing Gaviotas and Camarón Sábalo


From the Camino al Mar to hotel El Faro (or Cerritos)

Camaron Sabalo


From Valentines to Paseo El Centenario

Includes Avenida Del Mar, Claussen and Centenario


Island of the Stone or New Mazatlan


The study of the management system will be the basis for determining actions for the reordering of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone, which includes:

-Maximum number of street vendors per beach area

-Suitable sales items

-Demand of service providers

-Bathroom areas with directions

-Servidumbre of passage for access to the beach

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