Mazatlan Turtle Protection Program Begins for 2019


It seeks to preserve the species with effective programs of detection of nests, incubation, and release

From June to November begins the sea turtle spawning season, so Aquarius Mazatlan announced that its team of collaborators is ready to begin the work of protection and conservation of the eggs deposited by the chelonians on the beaches of the port.

For almost 30 years, Aquarian personnel has been working long hours at night to detect and collect the eggs that the turtles carry throughout the coast of Mazatlán, to protect and incubate them, and then release the young born on the southern coast of the state. .

During 2018, Aquarius recovered a thousand 685 nests, of which 159,126 eggs were incubated and 141,000 offspring were released on the beaches, so it is expected that by 2019 a good number of nests will be recovered.

Through a circular, Acuario Mazatlán informed its collaborators about the “Program for the Permanent Protection of Sea Turtles, Season 2019”, so they are ready to operate in this important task of preserving the animal in danger of extinction.

In the spawning season, it was reported, there are workshops from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., where they cross the coast to detect any female that arrives at the beaches of Mazatlan to lay their eggs.

The strength of the arrival to the beaches begins in June and ends in November.


Nest RECOVERED 159,126 INCUBATED EGGS 141,796 

Source: pmxportal

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