Consul of Nicaragua in Mexico is arrested in Oaxaca for transporting Cuban migrants


The diplomat was in a black vehicle accompanied by three people (two men and one woman, all Cubans) when the officers marked the stop. According to his statements, he would take them to a shelter in Ciudad Ixtepec, in that same entity.

Nicaraguan consul with an expired visa was detained on Sunday for transferring three Cubans without immigration documents to Oaxaca, reported the National Institute of Migration (INM) of Mexico.

The consul, who identified herself with a diplomatic visa expired on March 11, 2017, had three Cubans in a car when she was detained at a migration review point in the town of San Pedro Tapanatepec, Oaxaca.

The Institute said that in addition to the expired visa that identifies Socorro “N” as Nicaraguan consul, it was found that the three Cubans, two men, and one woman, who were traveling with her are irregularly in Mexico.

The Nicaraguan woman told the authorities that she was taking the Cubans to a shelter in Ciudad Ixtepec, Oaxaca, but the authorities prevented them from continuing their trip because of the irregularities found, authorities explained.

The consul was presented before the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic (FGR) and the Cubans were brought before the respective authority so that the process of returning to their country was initiated, he said.

The Institute explained that according to the documentation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Socorro “N” is still accredited as a consular officer of Nicaragua in Tapachula, the Mexican state of Chiapas, since 2013, but has not renewed her visa.

She maintained that being an accredited official before the Government of Mexico, she has the responsibility of maintaining a valid visa to remain in the country and thus be able to fulfill her diplomatic functions.

The Institute recognized that this Nicaraguan consul has immunity in what corresponds to the exercise of her functions but that she would not have it if her participation in acts outside the law was proven.

Since the last months of 2018, the entrance into Mexico of migrants of various nationalities has increased along the southern border with Guatemala, mainly from Central American countries, as well as from the Caribbean countries of Haiti and Cuba.

The group of migrants was transported to a center near the border with Guatemala, said Luis Arbey Pérez Cruz, a civil rights activist in the municipality of Arriaga. He indicated that “there were 5 immigration vans, back to the border.”

Pressured by the United States, Mexico has deployed some 6,000 agents of the new militarized National Guard in its southern and northern borders this month to help discourage the passage of migrants. In Ciudad Juarez, just south of El Paso, Texas, elements of the National Guard forced migrants trying to cross the border to return over the weekend.

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