Mexico: The Grottos de Bustamante: a majestic place


On this site you will find a great diversity of mineral formations carved by nature for millions of years

In Nuevo Leon there is a great amount and diversity of tourist attractions: museums, rivers, mountains, desert, waterfalls and more destinations are part of the wealth of our state, but there is one that has been given little diffusion compared to other places, we refer to the Bustamante Grottos.

The Caves of Palmito , real name of this magical place, are located in the Sierra de Gomas in Bustamante , a little over 100 kilometers from the state capital.


This site was discovered in 1906 , by a peasant named Juan Gómez, just when he was looking for palm hearts in the mountains. As he made his way he felt a current of air coming from a point on the hill until he managed to discover the entrance to the cave.

Since then, national and foreign specialists have explored and researched the caves.


So far, the areas open to the public cover a distance of 256 meters , highlighting that most of this cave is still being explored and analyzed.

Here you can admire the whimsical shapes produced by the filtration of water, called stalactites and stalagmites , formed by more than 150 million years .


And it is estimated that most of these mineral formations grew to a step of one cubic inch per 100 years .

Las Grutas de Bustamante is open every day from 09:00 to 17:00 hours, for more information check here your Facebook page .


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