Mazatlan Secretary of Public Safety warns to take precautions at ATMs


Yesterday, a person came to withdraw cash from an ATM and when he wanted to remove it from the machine, he realized that this was stuck inside, opted to ask for help from other people and municipal police passing by the place.

When verifying the machine, the municipal authorities realized that the money was stuck in a sheet that is used for this type of theft, they managed to take out the money which was given to the person who had withdrawn it and after showing his receipt that moments before he had given him the cashier.

The Secretary of Public Safety Ramiro Lizárraga Medina, urges users of ATMs to take precautionary measures when making use of them, and in case of any eventuality, give notice to the same bank or make a call to 911 to ask for support.

Source: sel

The Mazatlan Post