July 19 to August 4, the Durango National Fair will take place, it has become one of the most important fairs in Mexico


With a program made up of artists of the stature of Lucero, Alejandra Guzmán,Bronco, Heavy, Ramón Ayala, The Toucans of Tijuana, Gloria Trevi, Maluma, Pepe Aguilar or Alejandro Fernández, to mention just a few, everything is practically ready for the Durango National Fair 2019 , where for the first time authorities and businessmen joined forces through the creation of a Board.

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“It is a good initiative to join the entrepreneurs to the project, always in improvements of the people, of the same local commerce, something that had been asking for. We are very happy with the response that people have had when joining us, “explains Dalila Anaya Urbina, member of the Board of Trustees of the Durango National Fair.

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The prepared program seeks to take advantage of each of the corners of the fairground, for it is divided into activities such as Velaria, Expobandas, the traditional Palenque, the livestock area, where the Horse Festival “500 years of the horse in Mexico” will be held. , as well as spaces for sports and culture, with the Feria Durangueña short film contest, Piñata Artesana Festival or the first Creation Ballroom Competition.

“I think that having the inclusion of private initiative, in an event so important for the city, where there is a large economic flow, is very good, because we as entrepreneurs, as part of citizens, come to contribute and add ideas , new projects to this great fair, that is for an improvement of all “, emphasized Dalila Anaya.

On the other hand, Elvira Silerio Díaz, Undersecretary of Promotion of the Secretary of Tourism of Durango, the fair is one of the most important efforts they make to try to have a hotel occupancy of over 70 percent and that the tourist attractions with the that have an important flow in the entity.

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“It is one of the most important events during the year, not only because it coincides with the summer, but because it implies a strong promotion. We are doing a tour together with people of the Board of the fair for nine cities, eight national and we go to Dallas, we are looking at the possibility of going to Chicago and Los Angeles, where we have the largest community of Durango “, emphasized the local official.

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The program of the Durango National Fair 2019 was presented at the Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl, in a ceremony led by Azucena Triana Martínez, representative of Durango in Mexico City and some of the Duranguens based in the capital of the country. Just last year, the fair was visited by more than 95 thousand people from other entities and almost a million people from the state.

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