Michelada, mezcal, vodka or champagne paletas “Popsicles”


The heat just does not let up in Mexico City and for those who are looking for ways to alleviate it, today we bring you the solution: popsicles and ice cream with “piquete” in La Terka Helada. Ice-cold popsicles of michelada, black pearls, mezcal or ice cream of champagne, carajillo or red wine.

La Terka Helada: michelada, mezcal, vodka or champagne popsicles

Photo: Amaury Andrade

If, like us, you are looking to mitigate the heat that strikes us more every day in the city -thanks to contingency-, we recommend you try the giant jars of mojitos and pigeons -in Juarez- or try all the options of our Ruta Heladera “icecream route”… Yes with that it is not enough to date one of the super winning popsicles with “piquete” of La Terka Helada, the new ice cream project in the city.

In this place, which promises to be a refrigerator franchise in a few years, you can find ice creams and frozen popsicles made with the most exotic and “sticking” combinations. They mix alcohol (vodka, rum, whiskey, mezcal, beer or champagne) with ingredients such as Gansito, strawberries, champoy, vanilla, energy drinks, coconut cream, mamey, cookies oreo or cajeta. The result: the most exotic cocktails made with ice cream and popsicles so that no one will judge you by going down the street.

Photo: Amaury Andrade

What to try in La Terka Helada

We recommend you order La Naca (ice cold palette of black beer, Clamato, lemon juice, chili pepper, and stuffed chamoy), La Terka Perla (Jagermeister and Boost) or La K-brona (Absolut citron, triple sec, juice lemon and red fruit filling).

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Or if you prefer you can give yourself an ice cream La Fifi (red wine, lemon juice, orange juice and pieces of fruit), La Dama (champagne and orange juice), Al Carajo (Liquor 43 and espresso coffee) or El Valiente ( mezcal, orange juice, cranberry juice and jamaica concentrate).

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La Terka Helada

Where : Mercado Roma Coyoacán (Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 353, Barrio Santa Catarina) or Mercado Independencia (Av Independencia 40, Col. Centro) 
Hours : Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Cost : $ 40- $ 60

Source: Chilango

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