DIF will take care of migrant children; if necessary, we will make them Mexican says AMLO


President López Obrador said he instructed the national director of the DIF to assist migrant children on both borders.

The National System for the Integral Development of the Family ( DIF) will be dedicated to serving migrant children that arrive in the country, informed the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

He explained that today in the morning, the national director of the DIF, María del Rocío García Pérez, was in the daily cabinet meeting and instructed her to take care of the children both on the northern border, as in the south.

“Today in the morning was the director of the DIF in the meeting and will be dedicated to serving migrant children, that is the instruction they have received both on the northern border and in the south , and if necessary we embrace them, we protect and we make them Mexican , humanism is above the border, “he said in the morning from today.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrardreported that a common practice among those who charge migrants for bringing them to the United States, “rent” children to facilitate work permits, “that’s a slavery of infants,” he said.

Source: milenio

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