Sinaloa LGBT community call deputies to legislate with the Constitution and not with the Bible


My rights should not be at the whim of 40 deputies: LGBT member

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- It does not seem fair to me that my rights are at the whim of 40 deputies, that I have to ask them to do their job so that they give me permission to form a family, said Guillermo Barraza López, a member of the LGBT community.

The previous thing, when the forum of “Equal Marriage in Mexico; the need for a regulation compatible with the constitutional framework “, where now it was his turn to express his feelings to members of the group of sexual diversity, since in previous days the interreligious groups were heard.

Barraza López, regretted that these forums paid little or nothing, to have a different picture to the one that has existed for five years, because he criticized that nothing was said that has not been mentioned in previous occasions in this polarized topic.


“Some deputies only went to the forum that supported their position, which shows that they are not interested in the issue since they did not attend all the other forums, and that their decision is already taken by the line of their party. Ladies and gentlemen, you legislate with the Constitution in your hand, not with the Bible, “reproached the committee member.

For his part, the speaker José Luis Caballero, argued that equal marriage must be approved as the model that must be followed to protect everyone equally, since everyone has the same rights.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Committee of Diversity of Sinaloa, Tiago Ventura Cárdenas, said they have been pushing this initiative for half a decade, however, at the insistence on two legislatures, 6 forums and more than 100 visits to the congress, today in At last, today they see a light at the end of the tunnel, because the specialists have pronounced themselves in favor of equal marriage.

“Regardless of which parties, or moral commissions they have, this initiative must be approved for social justice, beyond any prejudice,” said Ventura Cárdenas.

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