195 migrants detected in Durango


Information is they are from Central America and travel to the border with the United States

GÓMEZ PALACIO, Dgo. (OEM) .- A contingent of about 195 migrants from different countries of Central America, were detected by the morning of this June 5, by the staff of the National Institute of Migration (INM), on his way through Gómez Palacio.

While the corresponding authorities determine their situation, the municipality in a humanitarian act enabled the Luis L. Vargas gymnasium as accommodation for as long as necessary, plus they will be provided with medical attention and food.

It was reported that they traveled by bus on the Gómez Palacio-Jiménez highway and at kilometer 32 at the height of Bermejillo in the municipality of Mapimí they were detected by INM personnel, hence they were returned to the city of Gómez Palacio.

It was known that the immigrants were heading to the border with the United States, as well as personnel from the National Institute of Migration based in this city, they guided them as they went by bus, to the gymnasium, where they will surely be provided with food.

It was known that the contingent of immigrants was heading to Chihuahua, however as they passed they were detected, INM personnel decided to take them to their facilities, but being insufficient, the municipal government offered the support as an act of humanity to be protected in said gym while your situation is resolved.

Given the secrecy of migration personnel, it is unknown how long they will remain in this city, they are people of all ages, including children, youth and adults, including some entire families.

It is also unknown if they will be deported or simply be allowed to continue on their way to the border city with the neighboring country of the north, presumably to Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua.

It is not the first time that the passage of migrants through this route is detected.

Source: el sol de durango