Mexico and China can be stronger together


The Undersecretary of Foreign Trade believes that together, these countries can continue their growth and advance their strategic relationship to face the challenges that come in international trade.

 Together, Mexico and China, can continue their growth and advance in the strategic relationship developed for a long time to face the challenges that come in international trade, said the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy ( SE), Luz María de la Mora.

“Mexico is a friend and partner country of China. We know that with China, Mexico can be stronger, and with Mexico, China can be a stronger country, “he said during the” Forum of Economic Cooperation and Investment between Mexico and China (Guangdong) 2019 “.

The federal official indicated to the businessmen gathered in a hotel in the capital of the country that Mexico has competitive advantages to offer to China, since it has an economy with macroeconomic stability, as well as solid macroeconomic foundations.

In addition, he added, the current government has indicated its commitment to combating corruption and insecurity, “what we know will generate a business environment conducive to the growth and flourishing of all national and foreign businesses.”

De la Mora stressed that for both countries, foreign trade is the engine of development, employment generation, creation of well-being, promotion of innovation and, above all, it is a way to generate alliances, create synergies of cooperation, dialogue and construction.

“Mexico and China fully agree on the need to have a strong international trading system based on rules, which allows us to resolve the differences within the legal framework and the legal framework, but above all, to help us move forward in what concerns to the creation of opportunities for our economies. “

The official said that the Mexican Ministry of Economy has developed a commercial policy based on three axes: inclusion, innovation and diversification

“We do not have any doubt that the approach with China by the commercial way and the way of the investment will allow us to approach these three axes for the strengthening of our relations”.

Through inclusion and innovation, he continued, it seeks to attract more investment from a country such as China, which is today a key trading partner for Mexico, however, in the area of ​​investment there are still large areas of opportunity to develop.

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