Profeco finds Software to steal liters, in 8% of pumps of gas stations


The director of the Profeco said that apparently, the manufacturer of pumps for gas stations sells the software.

In its review of fuel prices in the country in the week of May 23-29, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) detected the existence of a pirated software known as “El Rastrillo”, “El Bicho “,” El Barrido “,” El Rasurado “,” El Chango “or” Las Chicas “.

According to the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, this software alters the reports of purchases, sales and fuel stocks in the storage tanks.

The official explained that the software was located in a pump of a gas station located in Champoton, Campeche.

During the morning press conference in the National Palace, the official explained that it was a coincidence that the verifiers will find just the pump that did not give a liter liter at the service stations, so a special operation was carried out.

Given this situation is working to strengthen the verification guidelines because “it seems that the same manufacturer is selling ‘The Rake'”, so that the criminal complaint is already being filed against whoever is responsible.

He said that at least 8% of gas stations use this device, so a first operation will be carried out together with the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection for 71 gas stations in the country and the results will be given to the Attorney General’s Office.

Source: notimex

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