Boys can wear skirts in Mexico City schools


The Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, presented the measure ‘Neutral Uniform’ which seeks to give equity and equality, in addition to not categorize the type of clothing

MILENIO.- The head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, announced the measure of neutral uniform, with which children can wear skirts and girls pants to attend school in Mexico City.

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“Boys and girls can wear trousers or skirts, however they want and when they want, as part of equity and equality,” she said at the “Guadalupe Ceniceros de Zavaleta” elementary school.

“They were behind the times where girls had to bring a skirt and children pants, that has already happened to history, now children can bring a skirt if they want and girls pants, if they want,” she added.

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She stressed that the school uniform of each campus will be maintained, however, it is not necessary for girls to wear skirts, in addition to seeking to generate equity and equality, so as not to categorize the type of clothing.

“Parents want to keep the school uniform, and that’s very good, but it is not necessary that girls always have a skirt

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“Having a condition of equity and equality is so that we are not categorized as to what kind of clothes we should bring according to gender, but that we really generate a condition of equality,” she added.

The Secretary of Public Education (SEP), Esteban Moctezuma, stressed that the federal agency works in coordination with the capital city government, for which it recognized the new measure and trusted that it will soon be applied in other states.

“The coordination that exists between the SEP and the city government because it is a public education that sets the example to the rest of the country, and with this opening that there will be in the use of the uniform I am sure that many state governments will follow the norm of equality, rights and societies that have great respect for each other, “she concluded.

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