Morena party expels Puebla deputy who asked women to “think before you open your legs”


The National Regeneration Movement requested that the leadership necessary for the immediate separation of Héctor Alonso Granados from the Moreno caucus in Congress be carried out within a period not exceeding three working days.

After the macho and misogynistic statements of Deputy Héctor Alonso Granados, on abortion, to ensure that women should “think before opening their legs”, Morena decided to expel him from his bench because represents the values ​​of the party.

Through her Twitter account, Moreno’s deputy Vianey García published the official document in which Morena orders the expulsion of the legislator.

It can not and should not belong to the political party’s caucus in the Puebla State Congress, (…) it is evident that it does not share, respect or represent what is established in the Basic Documents of Morena, “the message says.

Therefore, the leadership of the party asked the Coordinator of the bench of Morena, Gabriel Biestro Medinilla to perform as soon as possible, within a period not exceeding three working days, all the necessary leadership for the immediate separation of Héctor Alonso Granados from the bench of the party in Congress.

Likewise, it must inform the Commission of compliance with the requirements of said office, within a period not exceeding 24 hours, as of the expulsion of the Deputy.


Before the controversy that sparked his declaration on abortion, the Deputy justified himself by saying that “they took their words out of context,” because he was only paraphrasing the president of a colony he visited.

Through his Facebook account, the legislator published a video explaining that when they were interviewing he clarified to the reporter that he was only going to paraphrase the expression of a citizen, but that the phrase was not his.

They took the interview out of context, I said that I was going to paraphrase what the president of a colony had told me, it was when I said that expression but I clarified that it was not mine, “he said

However, he reiterated that he is not in favor of abortion because in its principles it is to defend life, and the only reason why it can be aborted is because of malformation in the fetus, because of the risk of death of the mother or because of pregnancy as a result of an abortion. violation.

Although he justified himself arguing that it was not his intention to offend women, he assured that although people ask for his resignation, “posts by election are inalienable.”

Finally, he announced that as of Monday, the deputies will take gender equality courses as part of the federal legislation.

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Last Thursday, May 30, Héctor Alonso Granados exhibited his misogyny by saying that women, instead of asking for the decriminalization of abortion, should not open their legs first.

The Moreno stated that the government cannot be responsible for the immature decisions of women who do not take care of themselves when having sex.

It was on May 22nd when the coordinator of the Morena caucus in the Congress of Puebla, Gabriel Biestro asked Morena to expel Alonso for the misogynistic comments he made against the deputies who promoted the initiative to prohibit sexist advertising.

For their part, the local deputies of Morena and Encuentro Social asked for a sanction against their colleague, Héctor Alonso for saying that women, instead of asking for the decriminalization of abortion, “should not open their legs”.

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