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Students and businessmen clean entrance to Durango

Groups of students, young people and businessmen carried out cleaning in the place where on May 16 El Siglo de Durango documented the garbage with which visitors were received.

Mario Guerrero, vice president of youth in Canaco, said it is a campaign to recover green areas, but this time it was the students themselves who proposed to clean the entrance to the capital.

“This is the first face that the city gives visitors and this area is very dirty and it was decided to do the cleaning work in the place,” he said.

On May 15 El Siglo de Durango documented, in a work called ‘Durango receives visitors with a garbage dump’ the open garbage area that existed just outside the city, no more than a thousand meters from where The Municipal Public Security Office is located.

The entrance to Durango on the road to Zacatecas has turned into a garbage dump. Shortly before reaching the town of Cristóbal Colón, on the sides of the road, garbage and bags show a bad aspect to the city.

Jorge Castañeda, director of municipal public services, said that the strong winds of the weekend caused the trash and bags to fly in that area of ​​the city.

And he assured that already Red Ambiental staff is working on cleaning the area to make it clean again.

However, during a tour that took place on Wednesday morning, no one was seen working on the cleanup, nor were clean areas where they could have worked.

Jorge Castañeda pointed out that the aim is to build a higher cyclonic mesh in the transfer zone to prevent the trash from flying when strong winds are registered because it generates a strong contamination problem. The current mesh is two meters high.

But the head of Public Services explained that the transfer plant is no longer a problem, as it was, he said eight months ago, when the saturation was of great magnitude.

Now, the official added, 500 tons of garbage arrive and the 500 go to the landfill after the separation work that is done by the 250 workers who work there.

The transfer plant has the operational capacity to handle a thousand tons per day, so the current management is half.

Although recognized to have problems with the bands of this plant reason why the separation work is done at this time the hand.

It is already waiting for the replacement of the bands to arrive to work 100 percent in this transfer plant.

Source: El Siglo de Durango

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