Durango is training its people for the arrival of the USMCA corridor starting in Mazatlan


Businessmen are concerned about insecurity in Zacatecas, but they assure that in Durango the situation is calm.

 The construction of the USMCA train keeps the states that are part of the corridor busy, and they are the ones that are already preparing to increase their potential.

Durango is no exception, because, although the train will start in Mazatlan, they will also benefit greatly, especially from the superhighway that connects the two states.

Magdalena Gaucin, from the Business Consultative Council of Durango, mentioned that businessmen are being trained to improve quality, be more competitive and thus put Durango in the eye of the international industry.  

“We are preparing, above all, in the T-Mec, that the companies that are already in Durango have certifications so that they can be more competitive, that is what we are working on, especially small and medium-sized companies and that they become more competitive. ”, he declared.  

Guacin pointed out that among the new investments that arrive in Durango, there is the meat industry, especially in the La Laguna area, near Coahuila, in addition to other industrial companies that want to be added by the time the USMCA train is consolidated. .  

Regarding the insecurity that exists in Zacatecas, the president of the Business Advisory Council, added that it is unfortunate and that, if they are concerned as it is a nearby state, however, the rates in Durango are minimal.  

“Fortunately in Durango we have a very calm climate, it is what we are promoting, it is what gives us a guarantee that we are safe, fortunately the rates in Durango are low, if the issue of Zacatecas worries us, especially the people who have to go through,” he said. 

Currently, he said, he does not know what the progress of the USMCA corridor is going to be like, however, as Durango businessmen are ready for the moment it materializes and begins to activate, which, without a doubt, he added, will leave the north of Mexico in a Privileged position.  

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