New general hospital of Mazatlan, a leap to modernity


They equip them with state-of-the-art technology to give greater quality attention and warmth to the users

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The new building of the general hospital makes a leap to quality and attention capacity in accordance with official standards, which include safety, being self-sufficient to act in the event of a natural disaster or a fire.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will have the capacity to perform up to 25 surgeries per day in the five modern and spacious operating theaters.

The hospital infrastructure is in a land of 45 thousand square meters, with 27 thousand meters of construction and the rest is converted into a parking lot, with 727 boxes available for employee and citizen vehicles.

The new facilities of the Doctor Martiniano Carvajal hospital, which is about to open its doors, to users is a building of the most modern, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and more functional, to provide better care, said Héctor Alcántar Gómez, director of Atención of Health Services in Sinaloa.

Wide corridors divide the different areas. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

During the tour of the building, the official shows that the lighting is given by a motion sensor and the doors are automatic to save energy.

It also has a fire-fighting system, surveillance cameras, as well as an uninterrupted force system that starts after a blackout is registered, which allows the care of patients in intensive care and surgery in the operating rooms are not affected.


It is an institution of 120 beds census and 69 non-census, explains to the doctor while showing the areas of hospitalization. He added that the acquisition of state-of-the-art technology was done in accordance with the regulations and no resources were spared.

During the tour of the building the technicians could be seen installing the modern X-ray equipment, tomograph and masthograph. It has a special area of ​​cardiology and antistatic floors that prevent discharges.

Technicians are responsible for installing the new systems. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

The building has four floors and for better mobility there are eight elevators, four are for users, three for stretchers and one for forklifts. It also has stairs, dressed in marble, in light colors. 


The hospital has five operating theaters. The first one is enabled with a communication system with video cameras to transmit live surgeries to doctors who live in the institution.

In the remaining four will be made all kinds of interventions, both scheduled and those that emerge emergency. 

Per day, up to 25 surgeries can be performed, more than half of those performed in the current building. Air conditioners were installed with a system of filters that eliminate odors. 

 The stretchers are distributed to the different areas. Photo: Víctor Hugo Olivas

There is also a Central Equipment and Sterilization Center (CEYE), with washing and disinfection equipment, with plasma and steam autoclaves. Only authorized persons may enter these areas and they will have a special card.


The General Hospital Doctor Martiniano Carvajal serves approximately 250 thousand users not only of Mazatlan and the southern region, but also patients from the neighboring states of Durango and Nayarit.

The building is currently being “dressed” with furniture and equipment, at the same time that general cleaning is done inside and outside the building.

The hemodialysis areas that are currently located in the parking lot of the old building will now be included in the new hospital. It will have capacity to attend simultaneously to 10 patients and one space for an isolated one. Alcántar Gómez stressed that the blood bank is also integrated.

The space where it operates today is very small, but in the new it will be up to three times larger and with private areas. Up to a room for refreshments. 

Each area of ​​the hospital that is delivered is used to train the staff. In this way they will be ready for when they start attending to the users in the new building.

The works and the areas 

The construction of the new building began on January 3, 2018, with an investment of one thousand 100 million pesos for the physical work and equipment. It has the specialties of general surgery, internal medicine, psychiatry, plastic and reconstructive surgery 

Also, traumatology, allergology, psychology, nutrition, nephrology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, neurosurgery and pathology. In addition to family medicine offices.

There are areas for Popular Insurance, pharmacy and medicine store and supplies for medical attention.

The essence in murals

Upon arrival, users will enter through a large door that automatically opens. You can immediately access a spacious lobby with air conditioning.

There are three murals that show the daily life, flora and fauna of the entity, and above all, Mazatlan, its history and geography, created and donated by Lety Lagos, wife of the builder.

The artist gave this work, which she calls El Alba, Atardecer y Nocturno, where you can see characters like Dr. Martiniano Carvajal and the icon of medicine, the physician Jesus Kumate.

The Monument to the Fisherman, the Shield of Sinaloa, the gazebo of the diver, and also artists like Pedro Infante and Lola Beltrán are also appreciated.

Source: el debate

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