Carlos Slim sends AMLO a message of support in the face of Trump’s rhetoric


The head of Segob showed the president a message of support sent by Carlos Slim and his family, affirmed AMLO.

Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico, sent President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a message of support for the conflict opened by President Donald Trump’s intention to impose tariffs on Mexican products.

“In the morning, the Secretary of the Interior showed me a message from Carlos Slim expressing his support, his and his family’s,” said the head of the Executive in his “morning” conference.

López Obrador said that since yesterday, after Trump’s announcement, he has received messages of support in social networks and other ways, from different sectors.

He pointed out that even the electricians who are protesting in front of the National Palace expressed their support when he entered today in the morning.

The president assured that all the people are supporting him at this time and he called to face this situation together.

“That is the call I make to all Mexicans, so much, I repeat, to those of us who are in the country as to the Mexicans who live, work, in the United States, to close ranks. First the Mexicans, “he said.

Trump now links tariffs to Mexico with immigration, drugs, jobs, deficits …

Firm in his idea of ​​imposing tariffs on Mexico, Donald Trump blamed the country for job theft and drug trafficking.

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For US President Donald Trump, tariffs on all Mexican products will be the solution to many of his problems in the country.

The president announced yesterday that if the Mexican government does not stop migrants seeking to enter the United States illegally, it will apply a tariff starting at 5% on June 10 to all imports from the country.

Now, Trump said tariffs could help his country recover jobs that Mexico Stole.

“In order not to pay the tariffs, if they start to rise, the companies will leave Mexico, which has taken 30% of our automotive industry, and will return to the United States,” he tweeted.

But not only that, according to the republican tycoon, the tax measure he proposed would also reduce the entry of drugs into his nation.

“Mexico must recover its country from drug lords and cartels. The tariffs have to do with stopping the drugs and the illegal ones! 90% of the drugs that arrive in the United States arrive through Mexico and our southern border, “he said.

Trumo said that due to drugs coming from his neighbor, 80,000 people died and a million people were “ruined” last year. “This has gone on for many years and nothing has been done about it,” he complained.

As if that were not enough, the inhabitant of the White House recriminated for the umpteenth time that his country has a trade deficit of 100,000 million dollars with Mexico.

“It’s time!” He wrote.

In order not to pay Tariffs, if they start rising, companies will leave Mexico, which has taken 30% of our Auto Industry, and come back home to the USA. Mexico must take back their country from the drug lords and cartels. The Tariff is about stopping drugs as well as illegals!44.1K9:27 AM – May 31, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy21.4K people are talking about this

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

90% of the Drugs coming into the United States come through Mexico & our Southern Border. 80,000 people died last year, 1,000,000 people ruined. This has gone on for many years & nothing has been done about it. We have a 100 Billion Dollar Trade Deficit with Mexico. It’s time!47.5K9:41 AM – May 31, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy27.6K people are talking about this

Previously, Trump tweeted that for Mexico it would be easy to solve the problem of migration and warned that it is time for the country to finally do “what should be done”.

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