Mazatlan announces the ‘Peso a Peso’ program, with resources from the Municipality


MAZATLÁN.- The Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, launched the “Peso a peso” direct support program, with which he seeks to help the families that have least by subsidizing the purchase of basic household items. .

In the morning at Casa Haas, accompanied by the Director of Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiu Guerra Martínez, the Mayor explained that with the “Peso a Peso”, the citizen puts 50 percent of the product to be acquired and the City Council completes the other 50 percent.

“This would not be possible without the economic savings made by the City Council, because we neither borrow money for it, nor is it a special item of resources, either federal or state; they are the savings that we have made with the good transparent and honest management of Mazatlan’s finances. “

The Mayor added that the Government of Mazatlan allocated 2 million pesos to support citizens up to 2 thousand pesos each.

To access the “Peso a Peso” (Weight to Weight), the Directorate of Welfare and Social Development conducts a socio-economic study for those interested, who, in addition to this, must have the payment of the property tax up to date.

Benitez Torres said that with this requirement, the Municipality seeks to reward responsible citizens who contribute to the growth of the city, even though they are families with limited resources.

The catalog of basic articles for the home of the “Weight-to-Weight” program has 12 products, ranging from plates to a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator.


Excited, Mrs. Susana Barrón Pastrano, neighbor of the colony Genaro Estrada, received at her house the visit of Chemist Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, Mayor of Mazatlán, who gave him a stove, which she acquired thanks to the “Peso a peso” program.

Susana paid 1,50 pesos, half of the total cost of the stove and the City Council, through the Directorate of Welfare and Social Development that applies the “Peso a peso” program, subsidized the other half.

“I feel good to have received my stove and God take care of them all, to continue sharing the same, to continue helping the people who need it most, because here we all take care of different things, there is a lot of single mothers, elderly people, there are many single mothers who have their children and do not have anyone to support them, “he said.

Mayor Benítez and the director of Welfare and Social Development, Tonatiu Guerra Martínez, assured that the support will continue to reach the families of the Genaro Estrada neighborhood.

“I am pleased to see that the people who occupy the most receive the resource, I thank the Director of Social Welfare who is doing this work together with us to benefit the largest number of people, especially those who really need it,” he said. Mayor.

On the other hand, Guerra Martínez, revealed that in the next few days the paving of two streets of that settlement will begin, the Cerro de la Nevería and the Loma Larga, with an investment of nearly two million pesos.

(With information of the Municipality).

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